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Anti-Aging Skin Care: The Power of Collagen

Anti-Aging Skin Care: The Power of Collagen

One of the reasons that skin ages in the first place is that the body produces less and less collagen over time. Collagen is a spongy, bouncy, healthy protein that is not just located in the skin but is located all around the physical body, including bone tissues, ligaments and also muscular tissues. In the skin, bovine collagen is discovered in the dermis, the skin level right beneath the epidermis as well as the stratum corneum, the protective coating from the skin tissues at the very best.

Collagen remains pliable and also abundant until an individual is actually in their 30s when the threads begin to loosen up a little bit of bit and fatty tissue found in the lower layers of the skin start to gather in the trenches. The result is that the skin does not spring back after it’s drawn. Just how comprehensive this actually relies on the individual’s genetics as well as environmental factors such as if they are sun worshippers, if they smoke or if they are revealed to poisonous substances and also toxins.

Collagen as Dermal Filler

Considering that bovine collagen is, therefore, necessary to the suppleness of the skin, dermatologists, as well as institutions, have located a technique to return that to individuals whose skin is collagen exhausted. This is through creating bovine collagen a skin filler that is infused into an arid, flat or even wrinkled region from the deal with an alright needle. Though other dermal fillers use compounds such as polylactic acid or even hyaluronic acid, bovine collagen fillers have remained in making use of for a more extended amount of your time and are still well-liked.

Kinds of Collagen

Both kinds of collagen made use of as dermal fillers are produced from bovine collagen or even bovine collagen extracted from individual skeletons. Both of these styles from bovine collagen are taken off the skin and very purified. Regardless of this, the individual who prefers bovine collagen fillers must be checked to create sure they are not adverse these items. The allergic reaction fee for bovine collagen dermal fillers concerns 3 to 4 percent.

The allergy test takes about a pair of months as well as consists of the skin doctor administering microscopic volumes of bovine collagen into the skin from the patient’s forearm. The person additionally needs to address inquiries the health professional has about their healthcare history.

The Procedure

When the person has shown that they’re not allergic to collagen, they return to the professional’s office. The professional administers a topical numbing cream to the individual’s skin that is actually to be given the injections. The syringe itself has both bovine collagen as well as an additional anesthetic like lidocaine. This aids to lessen the distress the client may feel.

The bovine collagen is after that infused into the dermis, where the client’s collagen is found. The therapy often has between 15 mins and a half an hour, relying on just how much of the skin is dealt with.

There are also various products now on the market that features collagen in it. If you do not consider going to a professional and wants a more do it yourself treatment in the comfort of your own home, you may want to try check neck firming creams, eye creams and other over the counter products that promises anti-aging results that collagen in it.


Facial fillers are all outpatient treatments, so the individual can go home after they have rested a little bit along with an ice bag mashed to the shot locations. There are going to be some swelling for sometimes, and also if the individual bruises effortlessly, they could experience some bruising. The treatment is very risk-free. However, threats are a hypersensitive reaction as well as an eruption from oral herpes. The sensitive response could also occur in people that passed the allergic reaction exam, though this is rare. A person who possesses a background of fever blisters might prefer to acquire some anti-viral medicine before they possess the collagen treatments to be on the risk-free edge.

For How Long Collagen Last?

Collagen is thought about a temporary filler, as well as this is among its perks. Gradually this is just absorbed through the physical body. A person who skin is damaged could have to go back for a servicing browse through after 2 or three months, but an individual who skin is much younger could not need a touch-up treatment for as long as 18 months. Areas that move a whole lot, including the eyebrows or the mouth, may additionally “utilize up” their shop of collagen swiftly. Cigarette smokers consistently locate that their facial fillers don’t last as long as other individuals. C

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Memories With My Mum

One of my youngest memories of my mum was back when we were at our old house, and my mum was getting ready to go out and I was sitting on her bed while she sat at her dressing table putting on her makeup, I must have been about 4 or 5. My mum didn’t wear makeup much, and I just remember thinking she looked so glamourous. She had this blue brush that she used to apply her blusher, and I remember sneaking into her bedroom to rub it on my face every now and then because it was so soft. I then remember as she finished doing her makeup and put on her heels, she looked so different from the usual mumsy way she looked, and I always loved going to look at her shoes, she had some really lovely pairs.

I think this must have been the first time I learnt about beauty and fashion from my mum, and I remember as I got older watching her get ready for parties and her talking to me about the makeup she was using, what dress she was going to wear, or how she was going to do her hair. As it was Mother’s Day last week, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my memories I have with my mum, and how over the years she’s taught me about fashion.

Growing up I had some very urm, questionable fashion choices. I remember when I was 11 I was obsessed with these combat trousers with bits of string hanging off them, and I thought I was seriously cool. Then when I was 12 I went through my goth phase, refusing to wear any colour other than black, and lots of studded belts and chains. I even found out that my mum had her own goth phase and still had some of her old studded belts, and even a belt made from bullets which I thought was pretty cool, and I begged her to let me have them but she never let me. For my 13th birthday I had a big disco at the local village hall, and still very much in my goth phase, I managed to convince my mum these black pointy boots with lots of studs and zips on for my party, and I was pretty horrified that my mum bought herself the same pair in red too. 

Now that I’m much older, and my fashion choices have improved quite significantly, I’ve found my style is very similar to my mums. And in fact in the past I’ve even pinched some of her clothes, and we’ve often given each other clothes when one of us doesn’t want it anymore. It’s not that my fashion style is mumsy, it’s just that my mum is a pretty fashionable lady. She has some amazing clothes, and some of her party dresses are simply amazing. My mums fashionable opinion means quite a lot to me, and whenever I’ve had to buy a dress for an occasion, I always take my mum shopping with me. When we went shopping for my graduation dress she helped me pick out loads of dresses to chose from, and we took over the changing rooms until we found the one. 

Although me and mum are similar dress sizes and I can get away with pinching her clothes, it’s annoying that we’re not the same shoe size for me to also pinch some of her shoes. In fact next to my mums shoes, mine look like boats, she just has such tiny feet. My mum has some of the cutest heels I’ve ever seen, and I remember when I was around 11 trying to stuff my big feet into this amazing pair of heels she had, and failing miserably. Despite being different sizes, we still have very similar tastes in shoes. Recently Wynsors Online offered us both a pair of shoes in any style we liked, and without talking to each other about what shoes we wanted, we both picked a very similar pair! Although we both like different colours and patterns at times, it’s nice to see that mine and my mum’s fashion styles are pretty much the same, she’s clearly had a big influence on me!

I hope that as I continue to grow up my mum’s still there and influencing me and my fashion choices, especially as I love a good excuse to go on a shopping trip. Do you find that you have a similar style to your mum? Or do you have any style related memories of your mum’s fashion choices from when you were younger?

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10 Must Try Weight Loss Motivation Tips That Might Change Your Life

10 Must Try Weight Loss Motivation Tips That Might Change Your Life

weight loss motivation

Any time that you can see a comparison photo that points out how well you look when you are thinner, it is a good thing

Most people know they need to lose weight. They see it in the mirror, they feel it when they put their clothes on and the low self-confidence and self-esteem reminds them every day. But, for many finding the motivation to lose the weight, even when they know they need to is something else.

This is very common, and most overweight people struggle with the motivation factor their whole life.

But, motivation is essential for weight loss, no matter if you need to lose 10 or 100 pounds, it’s the most important element of success. In fact, if it was easy to lose, obesity would not be worldwide epidemic that it has become.

It is important to realize that losing weight is well worth the effort because it has many benefits.

The Benefits of Weight Loss

  • Improves health
  • Makes people much more energetic
  • Makes people look great
  • Makes people feel great
  • It’s mentally rewarding
  • It prevents lots of diseases associated with obesity, like, diabetes, heart diseases, stroke and cancers, just to mention a few.

Where to Find Motivation

Finding weight loss motivation is all about changing one’s perspective. While many consider dieting a hassle, too hard and inconvenient, this is the wrong thinking.

Thin woman measures her waistline

It’s incredibly inspiring to measure your progress during weight loss

Think instead of learning to eat healthier and make better choices, one food and one day at a time. For example, choose an apple instead of a donut. Eat vegetables for a side dish instead of fries.

Evaluate the food you eat and take a close look at your daily calorie intake.  Start walking daily, then increase your workouts as you get healthier. These are just a few examples of action steps you can take right away.

Know that there are some great supplements on the market that can help you achieve your diet goals. Products like green tea and forskolin extract (See where to buy Forskolin here), can boost your metabolism and give you a head start on losing weight.

10 Great Weight Loss Motivation Tips

  1. Put a picture of your old self in plain sight. The worst picture you can find that really upsets you in regards to your weight. Each and every time you want to cheat, skip workouts or otherwise blow your diet plan look at the picture.
  2. Make a list of the reasons you want to lose weight. Make the list nice and long and readable. Write down how you would feel if you don’t lose the weight. And, also write down how awful it will be if you lose some and then regain it if you quit and waste all the effort.
  3. Each morning remind yourself of your reasons to want to lose weight, check your lists and read them out loud. Consider how you will feel if you don’t lose weight and those reasons go out the window.
  4. Ask for help. Accountability is really good for motivation for weight loss. A friend, nutritional counselor or family member that creates some accountability is really helpful.
  5. Celebrate the successes. It is very important to celebrate each success. Establish a reward for each 5 or 10 pound loss. A movie, a new outfit, or anything you enjoy to make a big deal out of those success.
  6. This helps with motivation and also makes it harder to throw it all away should you want to quit.
  7. Set goals. It’s important to have goals in writing. Set short and long term goals, stick with them, mark off achievements as you go.
  8. Envision success. Imagine yourself fit on a daily basis. Imagine how you will look in a smaller size outfit. If you have one, hang that outfit that doesn’t fit in plain sight so you can see it daily. Look at pictures of fit bodies or whoever you want to look like to remind you of your goals. Do this daily.
  9. Be good to yourself. If you have a relapse and do cheat, don’t beat yourself up.
  10. Think lifestyle change, not temporary diet plan. The motivation cannot be short term, it must be lifelong to maintain fitness. Diets are temporary, learn to eat right, change your bad habits and the magic will happen.

Choose the right weight loss method, this can often be the key to long term success. Many over extend themselves by choosing fad diets that cannot possibly bring long term and lasting results. They also choose diets they cannot follow and just set themselves up for failure. Choose wisely and it will keep you motivated for the long term.

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Kobo Aura One EReader Review

Once upon a time you would always find me with a nose in a book forever reading. Then as I got older I fell out of love with reading a bit, particularly when I went to university when I had to read a lot of journals for my dissertation, reading for pleasure just wasn’t enjoyable anymore. Recently I’ve been trying to get back into reading again, particularly as I have a bookcase full of books that are just sitting waiting to be read, so I set myself a goal to read a book in September. Not only did I read one book, but I actually managed to read two, and something that helped was the Kobo Aura One.

The Kobo Aura One is a revolutionary waterproof ereader, designed to help you enjoy a good book and relax. I’m terrible at staying up all night watching Netflix or looking at phone, and I’m sure as a result of this, I have problems sleeping. I’m not very good at taking time out to relax, so while I had the Kobo Aura One for a two week trial I made sure I spent my evenings reading rather than staying up all night looking at pictures of cats on the internet.

The first thing I noticed about the Kobo Aura One is how nice it is to hold. I know that might sound a little strange, but it was really comfortable to hold so you know you’ll be comfortable sat reading away. It was also really easy to use, once you’ve unlocked the screen you’re greeted with a dashboard which shows you the books you’re reading, as well as a selection of related, and recommended books. What I liked is how it told me how far through a book I was, and how much time was left in the book, I just like to know these kind of things so this really pleased me! It would also give you awards as you went along reading, which for someone like me would definitely encourage me to read more! I used the Kobo Aura One with the default settings as these worked for me, but you could adjust the settings with over 50 font sizes and 11 font types. You’ve also got the option to bookmark certain pages that you want to go back to, and you can even share quotes and comments from the book onto your Facebook timeline which was pretty nifty.

What was nice to know as well was just how much storage the Kobo Aura One had available, 8GB to be exact, that’s around 6,000 books! I remember when I used to go on family holidays many moons ago and I used to pack a whole suitcase of books to get me through the holiday, imagine now only having to take away this small eReader instead! It’s also got a battery life of one month, and I used this quite a lot over the two week trial and the battery had only just made it past the half way point.

One of the great features of the Kobo Aura One is that it includes an enhanced front-light technology, meaning you can stay up and read without the blue light of a screen affecting your sleep quality. You could set the light settings to your own preference, or what I liked to do is set a bedtime hour and the device would start to fade itself. This was great for reading just before I went to bed, as the light would dim on the Kobo Aura One it would help to make feel sleepy, helping me to drift off to sleep.

I’m terrible that once I’ve finished a book, I don’t know what to read next. I can scroll through Amazon’s recommended lists for hours, but I can never settle on the next thing to read. The Kobo Aura One has a recommended for you feature, where it can recommend books to you based on other books you’ve read. There’s also the option for you to connect your Kobo Aura One with local public libraries and search through to borrow or buy new books.

I really enjoyed my two week trial of the Kobo Aura One eReader, especially as it got me back into reading again. I got through two books in two weeks, when that’s probably all I’ve read for the last year! It retails for £189.99 which is slightly more on the pricey scale of eReaders, but I can say after using it for 2 weeks I thought it was worth that price. It has many great features, and is even waterproof so you could escape and read in the bath for ultimate relaxation. I’d certainly recommend this if you were looking to buy a new eReader, I’ve even stuck mine on my Christmas wishlist to hint to the boyfriend!

* I was sent the Kobo Aura One for a 2 week trial, views are all my own

Anti-Aging Skin Care: The Power of Collagen

One of the reasons that skin ages in the first place is that the body produces less and less collagen over time. Collagen is a spongy, bouncy, healthy protein that is not just located in the skin but is located all around the physical body, including bone tissues,...

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Memories With My Mum

One of my youngest memories of my mum was back when we were at our old house, and my mum was getting ready to go out and I was sitting on her bed while she sat at her dressing table putting on her makeup, I must have been about 4 or 5. My mum didn't wear makeup much,...

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Kobo Aura One EReader Review

Once upon a time you would always find me with a nose in a book forever reading. Then as I got older I fell out of love with reading a bit, particularly when I went to university when I had to read a lot of journals for my dissertation, reading for pleasure just...

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